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You're Invited!

You're invited to participate in a visitation pilgrimage to religious communities this summer during the Year of Consecrated Life. Join in responding to the command of Pope Francis to "Wake up the World" by connecting personally with religious congregations and participating in this pilgrimage in order to discover the beauty of our journey to God who is the beginning and end of life's pilgrimage. For more information please click here. 

August 15, 2015: Parish Picnic

This year's Parish Picnic will once again  feature food, raffles, and a Classic Car Show. This is certain to be a good time for all, we look forward to seeing you there! VOLUNTEERS WELCOME!!! We are in need of a few people to help with set-up the day of the picnic: taking care of the side dishes and dessert tables; working at the raffle tables, and clean up.  We promise you will still be able to have time to enjoy yourself.  Please contact Denise Zalewski by stopping at the picnic table in the Gathering Area, calling (330) 995-4397 or email grannyneecee@gmail.com.  

New Parish App Coming Soon!

In the coming weeks, Holy Angels will launch our own app for iPhone and Android smart phones. This will allow us to better communicate with you throughout the week and keep you updated with relevant parish news and updates. The app is very well designed and very intuitive. It will be a great resource for parishioners by providing daily Mass readings, Catholic news and prayers, convenient prayer and Confession reminders, our bulletins and more.  We hope that our new app will be a tool for fostering stronger parish life at Holy Angels and better engaging the New Evangelization.  Please watch in the coming weeks for our official launch announcement.

Responses to the Supreme Court Decision Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

After the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding same-sex marriage, many bishops have made public statements responding to the decision, including Bishop Walkowiak (former pastor of neighboring St. Joan of Arc), Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In Cleveland, Bishop Lennon has released a statement on behalf of himself and the active Catholic Bishops in Ohio as members of the Catholic Conference of Ohio:

"Today the United States Supreme Court released its ruling that states are required to license a marriage between two people of the same sex.  This is not the ruling hoped for by the Catholic Church, which believes that marriage is by definition between one man and one woman.  For centuries, this definition has been universally accepted in virtually all cultures – secular as well as religious.

Every nation has laws limiting who can be married and under what circumstances. This is because lawmakers always have understood that marriage does not exist just for the mutual satisfaction of the two people involved, but for the betterment of society. Traditional marriage is the cradle of the family, the basic building block of society. As Pope Francis has reminded us, every child has a right to be raised by two parents, a father and a mother. Both parents are important, and they are not interchangeable. The sad reality that so many children are deprived of this right because of the crisis in traditional marriage does not make it any less important. It is deeply disappointing and worrisome that our courts do not understand this.

The Catholic Church remains steadfast in its commitment to promote and defend marriage: defined as the union of one man and one woman. With renewed hope, sensitivity, and compassion, the Church will continue to attend to the challenges and hardships that confront  individuals and their families, and to treat all persons with the dignity and respect due to them as children of God."